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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Lovely Lorna turns 80

She is one of the most spirited women I know. Her favourite colour is purple, and she wears it often. She creates mouth-watering desserts, but rarely eats more than a bite of her own sweet concoctions. She bowls a mean game, and cleans her own house. She has raised five children, and helped to guide fourteen grandchildren through life. She is the matriarch of the Fisher family. And I can’t believe she is eighty years old. She probably can’t, either.
Last Sunday, we hosted forty-five of Lorna’s family members who wanted to let her know just how much they appreciate her.
The sheep stayed up near the house all day. I think they liked all the attention. The folks from the city donned rubber boots and toured around the farm, meeting the lambs, the donkey and the cows. The farmer stuffed a turkey and cooked a whack of steaks on the barbeque. Everyone else brought a salad, a side dish or a dessert. I think there is enough wine and beer here to last us ‘til August. It’s shocking to think we can feed 45 people within the walls of the farmhouse, but we did. We were bumping into each other in the halls, and spilling out onto the porch to watch the rain fall softly down from underneath the patio umbrella.
So Lorna was born in 1930. The same year that Sean Connery, Tippi Hedren, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen and Imelda Marcos were born. In 1930, the Mickey Mouse comic appeared for the first time. Scotch tape was introduced (what the heck did we use before that?). The first frozen foods were sold. Twinkies were invented. Fred Astaire sang “Puttin’ on the Ritz”. John Wayne and Marlene Dietrich lit up the silver screen.
Lorna was born on the cusp of the Great Depression in Canada. How much have things changed in her lifetime? When Lorna was a little girl, something new called the television was about to appear on the scene. It would change the world in both positive and negative ways. I must remember to ask Lorna what she thinks about the iPad and the iPhone. I know she has a Wii. Not sure if she uses it, however.
Lorna has been married to Wally for sixty-two years. Sixty-two. Years. The woman has the patience of Mother Theresa. But she said she knew he would be her husband, the day she met him. She even remembers saying to her friend, “that’s the man I’m going to marry.” She said she could picture their life together right from the start. Raising a family. Putting down roots. Supporting each other.
Working with the Crees on my latest project at work, I see the way that culture reveres their elders. We can learn so much from our parents and grandparents, if we listen. I believe Lorna has passed her lessons on effectively. I know she raised children who respect her. That is significant.
To Lorna on her eightieth birthday: May we all grow old as gracefully as you have, elegant lady. You make it look so easy.

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